Warbird Flight Options

We have 3 exhilarating flight experiences for you to choose from.  Simply take you pick and book online to arrange a preferred date for your flight. Flights are operated by Warbirds Ltd.
You can contact us with any question prior to booking. We are happy to tailor a flight to your special wishes.

Fullnoise for Fifteen Hundred


Price: $1500

This 15 minute high octane adrenaline rush will give you a taste of what it is like to fly in the Reno Air Races. We will fly low and fast and turn left.

Be sure and bring your video so you can reflect on the thrill of flying in a 1300 hp V-12 Fighter.

You’ll be amazed at the power and speed of this genuine Unlimited Gold racer.

Airshow Special


Price: $1999

This is a 20 minute experience offered when the Yak is available at Air Shows. The ride includes a look around the aircraft and a thorough pre-flight briefing.

A local scenic will let you settle in before we conduct some graceful aerobatics depending on your choice and fortitude before we return to the airfield for a buzz and break into the pattern (traffic permitting).

These rides are typically conducted on the Monday after the show finishes though there might be some availability after the show closes through the weekend.

Fighter Flight


Price: $2399

This is a 30 minute experience tailored to suit your individual requirements. We will fly out of Omaka Airfield in the beautiful Marlborough wine growing region and take in some of the local scenery while you settle in and absorb the fact you are actually flying in a 1200 hp V-12 Warbird.

We will then engage in some graceful aerobatics before we carry out a few of the higher g basic fighter maneuvers common to single seat fighters of the WW II era. Once we check that the required fun level has been reached we will head home at low level past the white bluffs of Marlborough for a buzz and break into the pattern.

The flight will be recorded on high quality digital video format for you to keep.

“I recently had the chance to fly with Graeme in his wonderful Yak 3. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had! If you ever get the opportunity to fly in the Yak 3, you have to take it!”

Glencora Price